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Enter or change account number

  • Are you a construction company and you expect a financial intervention from Constructiv shortly? You can communicate the bank account number of your company for this payment via our online module if you have gone through certain administrative steps beforehand.

  • Phishing Alert 
    Constructiv hereby expressly confirms that it does not ask for bank account information in combination with secret codes or passwords by phone, text message or Whatsapp. Constructiv only requests you to confirm your bank information by e-mail or letter via form that has to be sent back filled out correctly in combination with a copy of proof of identity. 

•    Please note! If this is the first time that you are submitting your company’s account number to Constructiv using our online module, you must complete a number of administrative steps first*.

What you need:
  • the E-ID of the legal representative of the company
  • the NSSO of the company
  • the national registration number and telephone number of the principal administrator of the company
  • ​the national registration number of its legal representative

Administrative steps
  1. Activate a digital key (ITSME/e-ID/…).
  2. Set up access management for your company via CSAM. This can only be done by the legal representative! (This step can be skipped if the legal representative  = the principal administrator).
  3. Assign the role ‘Manage account numbers with Constructiv’: you will first have to identify yourself. Then follow the steps under 'My role assignments'  to assign the role with a national registration number and confirm.
  4. Go the the online module of Constructiv and enter and confirm your bank account number.

Need further explanation? Watch tutorial 1! 


•    Already familiar with our online module? Have your eID ready and go straight to the online module to forward your company’s account number to us.

Need further explanation? Watch tutorial 2! 

Constructiv will use the account number that you enter as a unique account number for your company so that it can deposit all sectoral interventions for which your company is eligible.

* Our detailed step-by-step plan walks you through the individual steps and will help to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Still have questions about Constructiv’s account number online module?
Contact us!
Or check the FAQ section.